Hello, Friends out in the Blog-o-Sphere,

Thanks again for joining me and sharing my adventures with your friends.  As of my last post, I had 2,500 hits!  Probably all the folks at Rick and Nick’s graduation, wanting to see what I wrote about them!!

Hey! I’m almost as famous as the Chewbacca Mom.  Oh, wait, she got 130 million hits on YouTube in 4 days!!  Maybe I’ll have to add some video clips!  Too bad I didn’t have any from the trip I described in my last post with the 300-pound hog going down the mountain!  LOL!  Yeah, NOW I can laugh!  Then I was crying and praying and seeing my life flash before my eyes!

I am actually talking to some more of the high school kids to plan some “In the Kitchen with Lucy” segments for the next progression of my saga!

Ground Broken on New Site

After looking each way and that, we could just not figure out how to expand the kitchen and dining area at the “BBQ Lucy Stand,” so we decided the only thing to do was to get a new place.  And it is so hard to customize a building not meant as a kitchen/restaurant, so we are building our new place!

I’m not sure that “BBQ Lucy’s Stand” still fits.  So, I’m taking a page from the high school kids and asking you all, my loyal readers to give me your ideas about the name of our next home!  It will have a huge kitchen large enough to hold stand-alone and walk-in refrigerators.  I sometimes have orders for two hogs at a time after that mammoth success at Rick and Nick’s graduation party!

Sharing the Wealth

When I say sharing the wealth, I’m talking about the wealth of knowledge that I’ve accumulated this first year. I’m going to be teaching classes to the high school students a couple of days of the week at the restaurant, starting in the fall!  The classes that the school and I have come up with so far are:

cooking (BBQ)

developing new recipes and

operating a business

If the location is not ready in the fall, then we’ll open in the spring season.

I’m playing around with some new recipes and want to design a new menu.  Guess who’s going to help me with that project?  Yer right!  The design team that graduated high school and started their graphic arts company!  I’m so proud of them.  I have their business cards at all the events I cater, so we are both sharing the wealth of potential customers.

New Dining Area

It’s not going to be anything jazzy because we are talking BBQ!  But we are going to have a dining room with about 15 tables to start.  We’ll offer some fresh corn on the cob in the summer and some home-made lemonade provided by one of the female entrepreneurs from up at the school.  She’s only a sophomore!!

The Future

I can’t predict anything but a grand future for our little hometown business.  And when you get time, you check out our little BBQ Lucy’s Stand.  We are offering a wide variety of our BBQ sauces via our web page.  You can pay via PayPal, so we are getting just a little bit lad-dee-dah…however, I still wear my blue jean overalls at work!

Thanks for visiting my blog,

BBQ Lucy

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