She’ll Be Coming Down the Mountain!

Did you ever have one of those terribly death-defying experiences when you’re afraid this is it!  And you’re saying prayers as fast as you can and trying not to faint from freight??!!

Well, I did last month, and I can say that thanks to Dr.Dan of GoDocs, I can live to talk about it and even chuckle a little bit!  Let me tell you how it started!

An Old-Fashioned Pig Roast

Dan is married to my real estate friend Jan, who’ve I’ve written about before on this blog.  They have twin sons graduating from high school this month, and since they both are great kids who each got a full scholarship, their parents wanted a graduation party they wouldn’t forget!  Jan and Dan decided on an old-fashioned pig roast!

I have to say that the whole family was in on the planning and even the research!  The boys dug up research via the internet on the best way to cook the hog.  Dan grew up on the farm and asked many relatives about their recollections of prospering roasting a hog.  I hadn’t been involved in a pig roast since my younger brother graduated high school back in the 20th century, so I did some research too!

The twins, Nick, and Rick felt so appreciative of all that their parents were doing to host the BBQ Shindig of the Year, which they decided they’d be responsible for all the details of the hog. From digging the roasting pit, picking up the hog to save on the delivery fee, and hired some responsible friends to help the overnight supervision of the roasting, they took care of the details.

You know that saying, “The best-made plans of mice and men, often go astray…”???  Well, it was Murphy’s Law all the way!

First, Rick and Nick got a bad case of poison ivy when they were clearing the land to dig the pit.  Then the truck they were going to use to haul the recently live hog on ice, was crashed by a hit-and-run driver!  And as for me, I had made all the arrangements with my farmer friend who could provide the hog, skinned and trimmed, but was not available to deliver it.

It was important to get lean, but a meaty hog.  Excess fat can cause fires in the pit, and that’s not the goal!  I got it 36 hours in advance, and I rubbed butter all over it first.  I then seasoned it with a good rub and refrigerated it.  It was a major fete just getting the fridge empty enough for the hog.

I had asked for a cleaned hog about 60-100 lbs, but my farmer friend said that the pig had little to trim and the hog weighed in at 125 lbs!  Yikes!  I hoped the pit would be large enough and called down to the family to let them know the new dimensions!

Disaster #1:  Nick and Rick ended up in the hospital, and were ordered to rest before the big party!  Fortunately, they have fantastic friends who took up the assignment!  However, first they had to safely get rid of the poison ivy.  Then they studied the drawings for digging the pit, and adding the stones and rods to support the hog.

Disaster #2:  It turned out that I was the only one available to drive down the mountain, down the most perilous curvy, almost single lane road to deliver the guest of honor (Mr. Pig)!  At the last minute, I had to call around to borrow a vehicle.  And it ended up that I had to drive a friend’s truck because I needed one with a bed the right dimensions to fit the cooler filled with ice and pork and not too big that it could slide around.  I also had several vats of BBQ sauce in boxes that needed to be transported.

Disaster #3:  A sudden squall arose as I was just starting down the 2,500’ drop from Virginia across the state line into North Carolina!  Lightning and thunder howled!  I swore the chains are holding the mini freezer, holding the maxi pig came undone because it felt like the container was sliding across the bed left to right with every curve!  I screamed at the thunder clap that seemed to be in my ears and the lightning strikes at the side of the road.

When I reached the destination, the sun came out, of course!  Rick and Nick’s friends were there to help unload all the fixings for the fiesta.  And just as I was getting back into the truck, I slipped.

In the mud!

And pulled my back!

That’s why I said, Thank God for Chiropractor Dan, whose clinic is behind their house, and he was able to fix me up and send me back up the hill to Virginia.  Surprisingly, I felt so much better the next day, my hubby and I drove down (the long way, not the same way I had gone) and even danced!

And of course, the hog was a huge delicious hit!

Talk at ya next time,


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