Hello, Friends out in the Blog-o-Sphere,

Thanks again for joining me and sharing my adventures with your friends.  As of my last post, I had 2,500 hits!  Probably all the folks at Rick and Nick’s graduation, wanting to see what I wrote about them!!

Hey! I’m almost as famous as the Chewbacca Mom.  Oh, wait, she got 130 million hits on YouTube in 4 days!!  Maybe I’ll have to add some video clips!  Too bad I didn’t have any from the trip I described in my last post with the 300-pound hog going down the mountain!  LOL!  Yeah, NOW I can laugh!  Then I was crying and praying and seeing my life flash before my eyes!

I am actually talking to some more of the high school kids to plan some “In the Kitchen with Lucy” segments for the next progression of my saga! Continue reading “What’s Next?”

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Did you ever have one of those terribly death-defying experiences when you’re afraid this is it!  And you’re saying prayers as fast as you can and trying not to faint from freight??!!

Well, I did last month, and I can say that thanks to Dr.Dan of GoDocs, I can live to talk about it and even chuckle a little bit!  Let me tell you how it started!

An Old-Fashioned Pig Roast

Dan is married to my real estate friend Jan, who’ve I’ve written about before on this blog.  They have twin sons graduating from high school this month, and since they both are great kids who each got a full scholarship, their parents wanted a graduation party they wouldn’t forget!  Jan and Dan decided on an old-fashioned pig roast!

I have to say that the whole family was in on the planning and even the research!  The boys dug up research via the internet on the best way to cook the hog.  Dan grew up on the farm and asked many relatives about their recollections of prospering roasting a hog.  I hadn’t been involved in a pig roast since my younger brother graduated high school back in the 20th century, so I did some research too! Continue reading “She’ll Be Coming Down the Mountain!”

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Howdy, Folks!

As anyone who’s ever had a business can tell you there are two major problems:  One is not enough growth, and the other is too much growth too soon!

Do ya remember in my last blog posting how I wrote how perfect my new BBQ Lucy’s Stand was?  Well, I can’t even believe how the business took off and how quickly my “perfect Stand” became too small!  I had to hire a couple of people to help me with preparing the BBQ sauces and to help with the customers in person.  I did not think about that darn telephone!  People were picking up our business cards, and a jar or two of my BBQ sauces as gifts and whoever received them wanted more!

Maybe it was the great packaging that made it a super gift idea!  I had approached the teachers up at the local high school and asked if any of the kids in the graphics arts department like participate in a little contest to design my labels for my sauces.  Well, that grew to needing stationery and business cards that match.  And not one or two kids were interested, but five were! Continue reading “Growing Pains…”

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BBQ Sauce

Howdy, Everybody!

I realized that this is my third post, and I haven’t even talked about the BBQ itself, just the business!  So please let me catch up with myself and tell you about my philosophy on the best way to make BBQ and my top four sellers. Ha Ha! I only have four versions!

Some Techniques I Use

Ideally, you cook the meat immersed in the BBQ.  However, as I’ve mentioned, I have customers across the country now, who want me to bottle up the BBQ sauce that they will then cook with back at home.  And they are happy with the results but do acknowledge it’s never “quite the same” as what we cook here.  So, I  believe it’s best to cook the meat in the sauce, but if that is not feasible, then using my prepared sauce when cooking is the next best thing!

Depending on the cut of meat, I will marinate the meat in the refrigerator for 24-48 hours before cooking and for other cuts of meat, I cook it in the BBQ sauce for 24-48 hours.  I use stovetop and in the oven techniques.  I have even used slow cookers (at home you’d call them “crock pots”).  And with my outdoor pit, I sometimes slow cook the meat in an enamel covered cast iron pot.   Absolutely nothing can beat the fresh, clean country air for cooking and grilling outdoors.  The delicious aroma carries and makes your mouth water before you even take one bite!!!

However, when you grill outside, I’m not a fan of the seasoned wood chips such as mesquite and hickory.  I have even seen Jack Daniel’s wood smoking chips.  You may like those, but for me, I’d rather have the flavors immersed into the tender flakes of meat. Continue reading “BBQ Lucy’s Stand”

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BBQ Lucy’s Stand is Born!

Since I have lived all over the country, I have had the privilege of trying many different BBQ sauces.  Now I’m no connoisseur of fine dining, just an average Midwest girl who likes her BBQ!!!  And I’ve tried BBQ from the north to the south, East Coast, and West Coast!  And some of my favorite pastimes have been stopping at the outdoor BBQ stands dotting country roads in the summer!

Unfortunately, as you may find out, most people won’t share their recipe, or if they do, they conveniently leave out a key ingredient!

As I mentioned in my first post, I’m settled in a little country town, tucked away in the Blue Ridge Mountains and friends return year after year to enjoy my BBQ ribs and chicken.  The demand became so huge that I decided to quit my day job driving the school bus and started my own business. Continue reading “My First BBQ Business”

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