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Howdy, Everybody!

I realized that this is my third post, and I haven’t even talked about the BBQ itself, just the business!  So please let me catch up with myself and tell you about my philosophy on the best way to make BBQ and my top four sellers. Ha Ha! I only have four versions!

Some Techniques I Use

Ideally, you cook the meat immersed in the BBQ.  However, as I’ve mentioned, I have customers across the country now, who want me to bottle up the BBQ sauce that they will then cook with back at home.  And they are happy with the results but do acknowledge it’s never “quite the same” as what we cook here.  So, I  believe it’s best to cook the meat in the sauce, but if that is not feasible, then using my prepared sauce when cooking is the next best thing!

Depending on the cut of meat, I will marinate the meat in the refrigerator for 24-48 hours before cooking and for other cuts of meat, I cook it in the BBQ sauce for 24-48 hours.  I use stovetop and in the oven techniques.  I have even used slow cookers (at home you’d call them “crock pots”).  And with my outdoor pit, I sometimes slow cook the meat in an enamel covered cast iron pot.   Absolutely nothing can beat the fresh, clean country air for cooking and grilling outdoors.  The delicious aroma carries and makes your mouth water before you even take one bite!!!

However, when you grill outside, I’m not a fan of the seasoned wood chips such as mesquite and hickory.  I have even seen Jack Daniel’s wood smoking chips.  You may like those, but for me, I’d rather have the flavors immersed into the tender flakes of meat.

BBQ Lucy’s Stand

My BBQ Sauces

You know, I guess it’s just natural that we often prefer what we grew up eating, so my personal favorite is the most simple, “My Dad’s BBQ” Sauce.  It has a sweet and slightly caliente flavor from the hickory, brown sugar and Louisiana hot sauce (which is basically tabasco sauce).  Did I mention that my Daddy’s from Louisiana?

Other BBQ Lucy flavors:

“The North Carolina Fliers” BBQ Sauce – inspired by my friends below the mountain, the key ingredients are the North Carolina grown Vidalia onions and the perfect sauce from Blue Ridge Mountain-grown tomatoes.

“The DC Shuffle” BBQ Sauce – influenced by my 30 years in the Nation’s Capitol, with its revolving door, this BBQ features a perfect blend of herbs and spices for your pork meal, such as ribs and carnitas.

“The Blue Mountain  Grass” BBQ Sauce – specially created for the grass-fed, certified Angus grown up here in the Blue Mountains.  The flavor holds up and is strong enough for beef, but never overwhelming.

As always, you can walk in without a reservation, and we can serve up some pulled pork, beef or chicken sandwiches with French or sweet potato fries, cole slaw, and a cool refreshing drink!

Talk at ya next time!


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