Growing Pains…

Howdy, Folks!

As anyone who’s ever had a business can tell you there are two major problems:  One is not enough growth, and the other is too much growth too soon!

Do ya remember in my last blog posting how I wrote how perfect my new BBQ Lucy’s Stand was?  Well, I can’t even believe how the business took off and how quickly my “perfect Stand” became too small!  I had to hire a couple of people to help me with preparing the BBQ sauces and to help with the customers in person.  I did not think about that darn telephone!  People were picking up our business cards, and a jar or two of my BBQ sauces as gifts and whoever received them wanted more!

Maybe it was the great packaging that made it a super gift idea!  I had approached the teachers up at the local high school and asked if any of the kids in the graphics arts department like participate in a little contest to design my labels for my sauces.  Well, that grew to needing stationery and business cards that match.  And not one or two kids were interested, but five were!

So I made it a competition with the winner being awarded a contract with me to design all my print design needs.  Oh, my!  These kids were so dang creative and decided to work as a TEAM!  They designed what I asked for and also a sign for the outside of the BBQ Stand and for a billboard up at the entrance to town coming from North Carolina!!  A couple of the kids wanted to be paid in BBQ!  All wanted samples for their resume!  And in the end, I had to hire all of them as a team and such a bargain price they gave me!  It was surely a win-win for all!

A New BBQ Sauce

I was so inspired by the brilliant teens that I added a new BBQ Sauce to my menu.   Since the kids like pizza with those crazy non-traditional ingredients, like pineapple, ham, bacon, and other crazy stuff, I created a BBQ sauce just for them!  It has a touch of pineapple, brown sugar, and root beer!  Again I asked their input on a name, and they had a competition at school among the senior class to “Name that BBQ!”

And a New Marketing Strategy

Talk about great marketing!  The teens who are graphic artists just helped me to create future customers among the graduating seniors!  They asked me for a certain number of jars of my sauce “on credit” and then they grilled chicken outdoors with the yet un-named sauce.  It was done on Senior Day, so they had permission to use the outdoor atrium to cook.  They charged kids for a BBQ Chicken Lunch Plate.  After expenses, they made a profit which they donated to the Senior Trip for next year’s seniors!

As a result of the contest, they came up with is so cute and simple:  “A Touch of Hawaii BBQ Sauce!” 

I’m going to wait and see how popular this BBQ flavor is before I make this available by mail order.

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