Hi, Welcome to My First Post in my FIRST BLOG, BBQ Lucy’s!

I’d like to tell you a little about myself:  My name given at birth was Luz, pronounced like the word, “loose,” and it means “light.”  However, as a young single woman, I got tired of sorry jokes about being loose, so I adopted the name “Lucy,” much to my mom’s horror.

I was born in the BBQ capital of the United States!  Don’t know where that is?  Well, I’ll give you a hint:  it’s also called the “Windy City” or the beautiful “City on the Lake.”  That’s right!  Chicago!

Don’t let anyone try to steer you wrong (pun intended!)…and try to convince you that it’s Texas, “the Argentina of the Northern Hemisphere,” or out west in Montana or Wyoming!  Nope, Chicago is the place where more flavors of BBQ are created and eaten than anywhere else in the nation.  It also has the best burgers and best pizza hands down, but that’s a story for another time!

I’ve always been the adventurous type, and I started traveling when I was 19 and so far have lived in 22 cities/towns and six states, and I couldn’t begin to tell you how many places I lived in each of those towns!  However, coming from a big Mexican-American family, we were raised to have a hearty appetite for food, especially spicy food, not necessarily HOT, but flavorful!  Moreover, I can promise you that I tried BBQ in each and every one of those cities or at least what they called BBQ.

Now I’m happily married and settled into a little country town, tucked away in the Blue Ridge Mountains, with hardly any reason to travel.  And I’ve had to learn to experiment if I wanted to experience anything close to those delicious taste sensations I still dream about from those far off places.

And that’s how I became known as “BBQ Lucy.”  New friends and old friends return time after time to enjoy my BBQ ribs and chicken.

Stick with me on this blog and I’ll share some of my adventures — happening upon some of the best darn BBQ I have ever had the pleasure of tasting, and if you’re really, really good, I might even share a recipe or two!

Thanks for checking out my blog.  I look forward to talking at ya soon!


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